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Tuck Away Style Cargolift - 4,444 Lbs Capacity - Powered Lift and Tilt - BC-2000-F4

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SKU BC-2000-F4

Tuck Away Style Cargolift - Powered Lift - Gravity Tilt

- Capacity 2000 Kg/4,400 Lbs

- 2 Lifting and 2 Tilting Cylinders

- Including spring support for manual platform folding


Ideal for deep-freeze bodies and for ramp loading

Do you often require free access to the doors, such as when loading and unloading on a ramp? Would a standard platform be disruptive in vehicle use? Then Bär Cargolift Falt is your solution for loading tasks.

In drive position the Bär Cargolift Falt fold-down taillifts fold down under the vehicle floor. This enables non-restrictive ramp loading. If the Cargolift is needed, the command “lower” sets up the platform package mechanically, so that the user can then unfold it manually. The folding process is thereby facilitated with a spring assistance.

With frequent loading and unloading on a hillside, Bär recommends version F4: While F2 Cargolifts only have two lifting cylinders, the two additional tilting cylinders of the F4 Cargolift enable tilting adjustment at any height. This increases safety and comfort when loading.

Currently available only for in-store pickup/installation at Van Pro Inc. Montreal. For more information or to pre-order, please contact us on 1-866-775-5321 or email 

Note: installation MUST be done at Van Pro Inc. by a qualified trained technician. Installation fees are not included and electrical supplies are needed (battery, box, fuse, wire etc).