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Social Responsibilty

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Supporting local communities. Working together to spark change.

We are committed to supporting local communities, while inspiring our customers and associates to give back. Our giving programs meet specific social needs and we proudly work through our two Van Pro Inc. locations to spark change. With a focus on helping fellow Canadians, Van Pro Inc. strives to make a real difference by supporting their needs as much as possible.

The Bourget College Foundation

We believe in school for all, and equal opportunities for academic success. We want to help young people become engaged citizens in their lives and in their community by supporting The Bourget College. Van Pro Inc. has worked with some of its associates to promote the growth of young people by allowing them to develop their passion in an exceptional environment.

The GO Kingfish Swim Club

Van Pro Inc. is a proud sponsor of The Greater Ottawa (GO) Kingfish Swim Club, a non-profit, competitive swim club dedicated to maximizing the potential of aspiring young athletes. We support the club which is dedicated in providing a dynamic team environment that encourages excellence in the sport of swimming and allows each swimmer to meet their full potential, reach the top and achieve their dreams.

West Island Cancer Wellness Center

donation campaign for west island cancer wellness center

As a result of our donation campaign, we are proud to say we were able to donate $7,500 to the West Island Cancer Wellness Center. We would like to thank all our customers who were part of this success. We are also incredibly happy to be able to help our community and specifically those touched by cancer to live well with the WICWC free programs and services.