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Swivel Ramp 36"x 108" - LSR90 Series - LR-LSR90-36-108

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SKU LR-LSR90-36-108

LSR90 Series Swivel Ramp

Size: 36" x 108"

Capacity: 1250 lb

Weight: 173 lb

Material: Aluminum

The swivel design of the LSR90 enables the ramp to swing like a door, up to 180-degrees. The ramp’s swing action gives users two storage positions and complete open access to the cargo hold. The swivel ramp mounts in the rear stored position like a traditional folding ramp, but can swing to also be stored inside, behind the wheel well – providing options for instances when a loading ramp isn’t needed. When not in use for loading or unloading, the ramp rotates outside of the vehicle for unobstructed access.

The LSR90 ramp also incorporates safety and efficiency into its design. The primary latching module can be easily removed to provide open floor space, and the quick-release lever enables the ramp to be unlatched when in the wheel well position, without requiring users to bend, lift or enter the vehicle.

*Note: Shipping lead time is 4-6 weeks


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