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Max Rack 2.0 Drop Down Ladder Rack, Double Side, 3 Bar, RAM ProMaster MWB – 1880-PHM3

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SKU 1880-PHM3

Double side Max Rack 2.0, 3 bar, aluminum, RAM ProMaster drop down ladder rack, 136″ Med WB, Standard/High Roof. Model: 1880-PHM3.

  • Application: Exterior
  • Composition: Aluminum
  • Weight Capacity: 720 lbs
  • Finish: Powder Coated White
  • Weight: 183.3 lbs
  • Dimensions: 129.95D x 81.25W x 17.19H in

Max Rack 2.0 Passenger Side Retrofit Kit - 18-U1810

Max Rack 2.0 drop down ladder rack: Passenger Side Retrofit Kit.
Model: 18-U1810

Max Rack 2.0 Driver Side Retrofit Kit - 18-U1815

Max Rack 2.0 drop down ladder rack: Driver Side Retrofit Kit.
Model: 18-U1815

Ladder Rack Mounting Kit for ProMaster MWB - 18-U0022

Vehicle specific mounting track kit for ladder or cargo racks to be used with RAM ProMaster 136" MWB.
Model: 18-U0022.

Max Rack 2.0 Crossbow Retrofit Kit of 2 - 18-U1806

Max Rack 2.0 drop down ladder rack: Crossbow Retrofit Kit of 2 Units.
Model: 18-U1806

Single Van Rack Cross Bar 72" w/ Feet Kit - 16-UCS72

Single van rack cross bar 72" w/ feet kit for van racks.
Model: 16-UCS72.

Max Rack 2.0 Handle - 18-U1807

Max Rack 2.0 Handle.
Model: 18-U1807