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Free Access Van Lift - BC-600

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Bär FreeAccess VanLift - The original: Maximum flexibility for your van

- Vertical platform folding allows a free entry through the right back door at all time including pre-fitted number plate with lighting as well as two-part VanBridge.

- Platform Width: 1330 mm / 52 3/8"

- Platform Height: 1810 mm / 71 1/4"

Loading heavy pallets, but only removing single packages without a lift? Or loading trolleys, but only delivering single trays? Preferably without losing any time? In weight-sensitive vehicle classes, these requirements are not uncommon. Bär Cargolift has the solution: FreeAccess.

  • In the driving position, the folded platform allows free access to the right rear door.
  • If necessary, sufficient space and load capacity exists for one pallet with a forklift, or for up to four trolleys.
  • The trick: When unfolding, the belt hinge facilitates the ideal interlocking of folding and fixed parts. Once unfolded, the force distribution of the load is even across the platform..

Currently available only for in-store pickup/installation at Van Pro Inc. Montreal. For more information or to pre-order, please contact us on 1-866-775-5321 or email

Note: installation MUST be done at Van Pro Inc. by a qualified trained technician. Installation fees are not included and electrical supplies are needed (battery, box, fuse, wire etc).