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The New Utility System for Pick-Up Trucks: TRAZER by Ranger Design

The New Utility System for Pick-Up Trucks: TRAZER by Ranger Design

Ranger Design, a well-known manufacturer of work van accessories, is introducing its newest pick-up truck utility system, which is crafted by professionals specializing in work van accessories. This utility system is intended to address the lack of a comprehensive utility solution, which is the main obstacle faced by tradesmen wishing to upfit their work trucks.

With this new product line, Ranger Design has successfully developed a complete system that is not only easy to install but also operates seamlessly as a unified unit. Moreover, it provides utmost security for professionals who rely on their work trucks for their daily tasks.


  • Toolbox
    • Shock absorber-equipped lifting doors
    • Smooth outside panel perfect for lettering
    • 42” gap between boxes
    • 3-point anti-theft locking system
  • Rack
    • Extension above the cabin for long
    • Extruded components that enable the installation of many anchors’ points
    • Forklift compatibility for effective loading
  • Canopy
    • Direct interface with Max Rack and Ranger Design cargo
    • Rust resistance
    • Lockable rear door


  • Industrial-grade anodized aluminum
  • Fully compatible and integrated system (completely integrated and compatible system)
  • Corrosion-resistant composite material
  • Simple installation
  • Manufactured in-house
Lightweight components for increased load capacity
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