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6 Reasons Why You Need Work Van Flooring

6 Reasons Why You Need Work Van Flooring

When customers consider upfitting their work van, they may automatically think only of shelvingladder racks or safety partitions. However, van flooring must never be overlooked. Custom work van flooring upfits are just as essential for the life of a tradesperson as any other upfit. If you haven’t upgraded your work van’s floor, here are 6 reasons why you should!

1) Protects Your Investment – protects against the roughest wear and tear in the floor.

In the daily use of a cargo van there are many factors that can cause damage inside the vehicle. Work van flooring adds an additional layer of protection to your vehicle. You won't need to worry about dropping objects or loose cargo sliding around and falling, and about people working in the back who accidently bump things against the walls. Your vehicle directly affects your work success.

2) Provides a Safe Workspace – Work van flooring can prevent slips, especially in wet weather or at muddy or icy job sites. Rubberized and grip flooring provides traction, which allows staff to easily and safely load and unload large items. Therefore van flooring is highly important when it comes to the health and safety of employees.

3) Increases Resale Value – prevents van flooring damage, your work van would remain in excellent condition at end of life cycle.

4) Reduces Noise – reduces road noise and rattling. 

The thin outer steel panels of a cargo vehicle are getting thinner by the year, and do very little in the way of reducing road noise. With the noise of the tires on the road, the creaking of the traveling vehicle, and sound of rocks or other debris flying up and hitting the vehicle, it can be quite irritating for the driver.

While partitions are the best way to help minimize noise while driving your vehicle, work van flooring plays a big role as well. Rubber mats further reduce noise in the cargo area of the van. This type of noise can be quite irritating for the driver and can be a great distraction on the road. 

5) Gives a Professional Look – enhances workspace for drivers and elevates brand image.

6) Makes it Easier to Clean –  Work vans get messy, and bare metal floors aren’t designed to be cleaned, especially if they have been beaten out of shape and worn down by rough use. Custom van flooring is molded to fit specific vehicles, can withstand the dirt, grime, and dust, and can be cleaned with ease.

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