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6 Ranger Design Ladder Racks to Keep You Safe and Productive

6 Ranger Design Ladder Racks to Keep You Safe and Productive

Are ladders part of your day to day? Do you use a commercial vehicle to get to and from a job site? Then let us help you choose the right ladder rack! There are many types on the market, so determining your specific needs is the first step in finding the right rack.

Among the Ranger Design ladder racks, there's a rack for every situation. And the best thing is, most of these racks share the same base, which allows you to mix and match, and combine racks together. If a new rack is needed in the future, there is no need to replace the entire rack – simply add a few extra components and upgrade within a matter of minutes! So, taking this into account, we have reviewed our selection of the most popular ladder racks to help you find the perfect fit:


When choosing a ladder rack to best suit your needs, it’s important to look for one that can accommodate the materials you wish to carry. If it’s long, heavy building materials such as extension ladders, pipes, or plywood, then it’s useful to have a ladder rack that makes loading your commercial van easier and helps reduce the risk of back injury.

Van Pro’s Choice:

The Cargo Plus is designed with ease of loading in mind. Its unique and distinguishing feature is the rolling bar at the rear of the rack. The material can be slid easily onto the rack, as the rolling bar acts as an aid in loading everything with as little effort as possible.

Trade Type: This type of ladder rack is intended for a low roof commercial vehicle and is best suited for contractors who work with construction materials.


Definitely one of the most deciding factors of buying a ladder rack, is the cost. Many tradespeople only use their ladders on occasion, and therefore don’t want to spend more money than necessary on a ladder rack for their commercial vehicle.

Van Pro's Choice: The Cargo rack is probably the most standard ladder rack available on the market. Sturdy and dependable, this easy to use rack is one of the least expensive to buy. It’s mainly used to hold either extension ladders or construction material.

Trade Type: Tradespeople who use this rack are mostly contractors with low roof commercial vans. They bring their ladder to the jobsite but may not use it much during the day. In fact, they may carry more cargo with this rack, than ladders.


A tradesman must look for a ladder rack that will be practical and beneficial for their needs. Sometimes one ladder is not enough, and tradespeople are forced to leave in the middle of a job to pick up a second, or one of a different size. The solution to this expensive waste of time, is to look for a ladder rack that can hold multiple ladders of different sizes.

Van Pro’s Choice: The Clamp Rack is an ergonomic choice, designed to hold up to 2 ladders. Practical and easy to load onto the commercial vehicle from the ground, this rack is extremely useful to tradespeople, as it saves them the trouble of guessing which ladder length to bring with them to work.

Trade Type: The Clamp Rack is mainly used by contractors who tend to work a lot with their ladder, such as such as window washers, electricians, and builders. With this rack on your van, you can be sure that you’ll have the right ladder for whatever job comes your way.


When choosing a ladder rack, you definitely want to look for one that meets the highest standards of safety. Not only should a ladder rack hold your ladder securely while driving, but there should be no risk involved in the loading and unloading process either.

Van Pro’s Choice: The fastest and safest option available is the Max Rack 2.0 for high roof vans, or the Max Rack Low Roof for small vans. These drop-down ladder racks lower the ladder in one easy motion, eliminating any chance of back strain. As an extra safety measure, there’s no need to stand below the ladder to load or unload, ensuring no chance of injury in the case of a falling ladder.

Trade Type: The Max Rack 2.0 and Max Rack Low Roof are great options for carrying extension and step ladders, and for those mobile technicians whose ladder is the tool they reach for the most.


Many tradespeople work in highly populated areas, where loading and unloading your ladder on a busy street can be a nightmare. Dodging cars while trying to maneuver extension ladders onto the van roof is an accident waiting to happen.

Van Pro’s Choice: The Access Stow is our rear loading option. Instead of loading your ladders from the street side, this rack allows you to work safely from behind the van. The ladder slides down to ground level, eliminating injuries from stretching or climbing up onto the van roof.

Trade Type: The Access Stow was designed for high roof vans and can carry one or more extension ladders. Contractors who frequently find themselves working in busy, outdoor areas would benefit the most from this ingeniously designed rack.


Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to have a ladder rack, especially if you’re only carrying a small step ladder. However, you still want to keep it tied down securely and in an accessible place that can be easily reached.

Van Pro’s Choice: The solution is the Access Pro ladder rack. This is an extremely simple, extremely cost-effective ladder rack that can be installed inside the vehicle. It attaches to the van ceiling, within easy reach at all times. This also means your ladder will stay in better condition as it’s not exposed to the elements without.

Trade Type: The Access Pro is perfect for tradespeople with box trucks, trailers, or step vans. For those workers who don’t work high off the ground, and who need quick access to their step ladders, this rack is the perfect solution.

Whatever type of ladder rack you’re looking for, you can be sure that Van Pro’s got you covered! 

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